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Photo credit: Jim Louvau

Former Marilyn Manson/KMFDM collaborator Tim Skold has announced further details about his upcoming solo album. Anomie will be released May 10 through Metropolis Records. From the press release: “Sometimes I wonder if I’ve been preparing my whole life for this album. I’m curious if people will actually ‘get it’,” so says SKOLD‘s influential musical mastermind Tim Skold about ANOMIE, his first album in 15 years. “It really is completely self indulgent wankery, but that goes for just about every record I’ve ever liked. I don’t want people to expect anything from me, I promise only to remain defiantly and completely untrustworthy.”

The album’s first single “SUCK” will be released as an 8-track EP on April 10 and will include remixes from 16volt, Front Line Assembly, Combichrist and Bitteren Ende and three new non-album tracks “I Will Not Forget”, “Bullets Ricochet” and “A Dark Star.”



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Former Marilyn Manson bandmate and ongoing KMFDM collaborator Tim Skold will release his first solo album record in 15 years on May 10 through Metropolis Records, with a CD single coming out April 12.

2011 will also see Skold working with Doctor Midnight & The Mercy Cult, a supergroup consisting of himself, Hank von Hell [Turbonegro], Anders Odden [Celtic Frost, Satyricon], Audun Stengel [Apoptygma Berzerk] and David Husvik [Extol].

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captain k


Personnel: Sascha Konietzko (vocals, keys), Lucia Cifarelli (vocals, keys), Jules Hodgson (guitar), Andy Selway (drums), Steve White (guitar)

Venue: Phoenix Concert Theatre

Place: Toronto ON

Date: Sept. 29, 2009


It’s comforting to know that Toronto audiences are no longer, in the words of KMFDM mastermind Sascha Konietzko, “castrated monkeys.”

Konietzo – a.k.a. Captain K – was referring to the band’s last Toronto appearance, which, apparently, did not live up to the their expectations. That’s understandable. Like other large cities, Toronto tends to breed concert audiences that have been there and done that, given that most touring bands come through. Combine that demeanour with natural Canadian shyness and you end up with audiences with retarded abilities to clap, cheer and otherwise demonstrate their enthusiasm.

But not this night. The Phoenix Club was packed with multiple generations of fans of the German-bred industrial juggernaut – from university-age kids to grizzled late-40s vets – and those disciples had no trouble communicating their fervour. The Dark Lord Bunnykins started out in the pit, in a futile attempt to take advantage of his photo pass, but the ensuing mayhem meant I was out and safe within three songs. That’s too bad because the combination of KMFDM’s efficient stagecraft with the crowd’s undeniable enthusiasm meant that seeing them up close would have been ideal.

That said, just being within the vicinity of Konietzko and crew’s ultra heavy beats was enough. Their hour-plus set spanned their entire career, with recent songs like Blitz’s ‘Potz Blitz’ and Tohuvabohu’s ‘Looking For Strange’ contrasted against classics like ‘A Drug Against War’ (from 1993’s Angst) and the encore, ‘Godlike’ (from 1990’s Angst).

At this point in their career, KMFDM is a well-oiled machine, dispensing their particular brand of industrial dance rock with an efficiency that could be described as Teutonic but which could simply be described as professional. Indeed, Konietzko is happy to share the spotlight with his wife, the electrifying Lucia Cifarelli, who took the lead on several tracks, including ‘Attak/Reload’ and ‘Looking For Strange’.

“Chicago would be hard-pressed to beat you fuckers” With that benediction, KMFDM commenced their encore of ‘Adios’ and ‘Godlike’, leaving Toronto with a definitive reason why they’ve spent two and a half decades worshipping the band’s ultra heavy beat.