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Coven of Celsus – Elizabeth by Randy V

Erotica, horror, and a complete reworking of vampire mythology make debut novel “The Most Dangerous Vampire Story Ever Told”

Randy V, inspired by the Marquis de Sade’s Juliette and Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty Trilogy, reworks vampire mythology in his debut novel Coven of Celsus – Elizabeth to create “the most dangerous vampire story ever told.”

In this unique and original complete reworking of vampire mythology, the author introduces us to vampires who are decidedly not of the Twilight ilk. Rather, these vampires share an overwhelming affinity for sadistic orgies and what they consider justifiable homicide, preferably at the same time. They live for 117 years and then become spirits for 117 years, with this cycle of reincarnation lasting forever.

Coven of Celsus – Elizabeth takes place in the present, which happens to be the 17th reincarnation. The story centers around nine vampires, one man and eight women, each of whom feeds in a different manner. Celsus and Nona come back into each reincarnation with their full memories, while the haunted, world-weary lycanthrope Celsus, in a variety of increasingly sadistic sexual orgies, releases both the memories and the “true selves” of the other seven women at each reincarnation.

In this novel of erotic horror, the title character, Elizabeth, is the eighth member of the nine-member coven. The novel follows the beautiful, deeply disaffected Elizabeth as she finds her “true” self, all while Celsus pulls her strings, notes the author, “like a puppet.” Concurrently, the other members of the coven sexually overwhelm and execute two pedophile priests and a former brutal boyfriend, as well as others, in increasingly bizarre and sexually gruesome ways that take vampires, and their deadly desires, to an entirely new level.

Celsus’ philosophy throughout the book – eat to excess, drink to excess, fornicate to excess – creates what the author calls “an incendiary, very sexual book with dialog regarding organized religion that is difficult to refute.” Numerous reviews on Amazon ( attest to the impact it has on readers.

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Coven of Celsus – Elizabeth by Randy V; iUniverse; Fiction; Hard cover $25.95; Paperback $15.95; ebook $6.00