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He’s best known as the bassist, co-lyricist and co-founder of seminal ‘80s band Siouxsie and the Banshees, but in the last few years, Steven Severin has been making a name for himself scoring films. His latest project is Music For Silents, which has been described as “a programme of new scores for the 1928 surrealist classic The Seashell and The Clergyman.”

Directed by a female director, Germaine Dulac, Seashell was scripted by infamous French playwright Antonin Artaud and influenced the creation of Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel’s infamous short film Un Chien Andalou. Severin, a fan of both the surrealists and silent films, has composed a score for Seashell, and has been presenting it, along with a programme of modern short films in the evening’s second half, around the world under the Music For Shorts banner. He performs it tonight (Saturday, July 31) at Toronto’s Neutral Lounge.

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Siouxsie and the Banshees bassist and co-founder Steven Severin will be winging his way to Toronto this weekend after performing and acting as a jury member at the recently ended FanTasia Film Festival in Montreal. Severin will be performing at the Neutral club (349A College Street) this Saturday night for an evening entitled “Music for Silents,” providing a live soundtrack for the 1928 French surrealist film The Seagull and The Clergyman.

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