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For all those Torontonians (or Southern Ontarians) who have only ever seen Jaws on video or DVD, get yourself to the TIFF Bell Lightbox ASAP to experience Steven Spielberg’s classic horror show in all its digitally remastered glory. The theatre is showing the version of the film being released on Blu-ray August 14, and it looks and sounds amazing, having had itself digitally scrubbed.

I attended the press screening sitting beside Jason from who basically said he were about to see God onscreen, and he was right. Show times and info is available here.


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The Oren Peli-produced TV show The River, about a team of camera-equipped adventurers documenting their attempted rescue of a beloved nature show TV host (Bruce Greenwood), debuts tonight, and The DLB recently had the chance to talk to Peli (best known as the director of Paranoral Activity) about it:

What is your background as a horror fan?

I’m not specifically a horror fan. I like any good movie or TV show, so I do like some of the horror movies that are more like the slow burn ones, stuff like Rosemary’s Baby and The Others, Sixth Sense. Not so much the slasher horror movies. So that’s the kind of stuff I’m usually drawn to.

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Super 8's Joel Courtney


The Dark Lord Bunnykins spoke yesterday to Joel Courtney, one of the young stars of J.J. Abrams’ monster movie Super 8, about a creature who escapes from a military train and the kids who seek out the truth about what it is. Here are some excerpts from that conversation:

On the camaraderie on screen between all the kids in “Super 8.” “We got along as brothers, really. Throughout the entire audition process, over the entire summer, so halfway through the audition process, Zack [Mills] showed up and then Ryan [Lee] and then Riley [Griffiths] and then Elle [Fanning] and then Gabe [Basso], in that order. So when they started coming back I thought, ‘This is a really good thing that they keep showing up,’ and I really like it. So we went into the movie being really good friends, halfway through we were best friends… and then we came out being brothers.”

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