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If you’re a horror fan, it’s basically your patriotic duty to go see The Cabin in the Woods. Are you sick or remakes and sequels? Do you bitch about the state of horror to friends and on message boards? Fine. Cabin is an original horror film that takes a hackneyed horror idea – five kids go to a remote cabin to party and do battle with monsters – and mutates it into something wholly unforeseeable

The DLB recently interviewed co-star Fran Kranz who plays Marty, the requisite stoner, albeit an incredibly smart stoner who is the first to suspect that his friends’ weekend getaway may not be quite as relaxing as they want it to be.

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Starring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Tom Hiddleston

Directed by Kenneth Branagh

Written by Ashley Edward Miller & Zack Stentz and Dan Payne

Paramount Pictures

My experience with Thor comics growing up was minimal. If it wasn’t Spider-Man or Batman, forget it. So my expectations for a Thor movie were modest, although the pre-release images were great and I trusted director Kenneth Branagh to deliver a fun film with at least some ambition towards Shakespearean gravitas. Fortunately that is exactly the tone Branagh, best known for his films of “Henry V” and “Hamlet,” was going for.

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