Blue Blood Celebrates 17th Year, Redocorates



Blue Blood celebrates its 17 year anniversary by rolling out a hot new
design for with extra special new $1.70 VIP trial pricing.
Since 1992, Blue Blood has pioneered a genre, redefined the rock and
roll beauty standard, broken down the walls between subcultures, and
launched countless artists, creating venue and platform for what was
previously an underrepresented kind of creative work. Blue Blood has
brought its audience the innovative and quality entertainment it deserves,
with insightful writing, creative photography, and beautiful people. Blue
Blood is about the power and sensuality of individuality. Blue Blood
is delicious luxury pop culture candy for intelligent adults. features more than 100,000 erotic photos, showcasing
more than 400 of the most exceptional individuals, shot by dozens of
gifted photographers, with a huge number of coffee table books and
magazine features to their credit. includes magazine
quality photography of gorgeous, stylish, gothic, punk, deathrock, and
otherwise offbeat women, Blue Blood VIP’s world famous signature
couples sets, and erotic fiction by some of the best-loved genre
writers in the world.

Forrest Black, who supervises all design and code teams for Blue
Bloodâ?Ts extended network and is responsible for the brandâ?Ts overall
look and feel, personally created the new design for and
the Blue Blood VIP members area. Forrest Black was born in San
Francisco in a house with thirteen black cats and, as a baby, went
from crawling to walking at parties where the Grateful Dead jammed. As
an early adopter of internet technology, he worked on sites for cool
icons from John Lennon and Peggy Lee to The Beastie Boys and The Dandy
Warhols. He has been art directing for Blue Blood since 1992. Forrest
Black says, “We’re very excited to showcase even more of the great
content our members have enjoyed, plus lots of new work. And we think
the new 17 year celebratory $1.70 trial offer is a great opportunity
for people to check out what we have going on.”

The new Blue Blood VIP tour includes bigger pages with larger
photographs. It is broken down into thematic sections where pages of
free sample pictures morph with dynamically updating images. Some of
the core repeating motifs in Blue Blood are couples, goth-industrial
erotica, art and tattoos, science fiction fandom and costuming,
fetish, and of course punk. guests can also read news
about Blue Blood contributors, see what recent community posts are
from the Blue Blood forums where members interact, and follow a
convenient new link to the regularly-updated Blue Blood Twitter.

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